Sunday, December 31

What a Wonderful World

Pics from 36 of the amazing people who share their pics on Flickr

click below to listen to Eva Cassidy's cover of What a Wonderful World while you are reading my post, and looking at the photos ....

or, you can listen to Israel Kamakawiwo'ole playing his medley of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow & What A Wonderful World" -- this is one of the sweetest renditions I've heard of these two songs:

New Year's Day, Planet Earth, 2007

Today, beginning, we take
our first steps into whatever
comes next, we open our hearts
to life and faith, we find
courage , we hold it out
to others
with the kind of compassion
that comes only
from having lost, or never
having known ...

we look out from
interior worlds through
handprints on the glass
we see behind us
know there is more
find the seed of
acceptance, somewhere
inside, or maybe
it was planted
by one who loved us
long ago or only
just this morning
when the sun
like it always

we go on
into the day
into love
into wonder
into joy
we go into our future
as if there is
only this


With this, I want to thank everyone who has inspired me, shaken me, helped me, befriended me, held me .... everyone who has been honest, real, connected, open. For every insight, compliment, helping hand, critique, loving or kind thought. For all of your comments, for sharing your lives with the rest of us, for sharing your knowledge, your place in life, your homes, your little piece of our home planet, Earth. Thank you for making the world a better place to call home

I wish for all of you the best in 2007. I wish for you the courage to go forward, to find your life, to find your place in the universe. I wish you all that your heart desires. May you all be blessed.

Helena, Rocky Mountains, Montana, North America

These photos I collected specially from Flickr, for my New Year thoughts for today. I hope you will go visit some of these folks photostreams. Flickr is such a cool thing!

1. [ L ' a t t e s a / L ' a m o r e ] VI, 2. Climbing The Stairs, 3. p u r e . j o y, 4. ., 5. Untitled, 6. Four pairs o' feet, 7. 1st capture_August 29, 8. After the thrill, 9. Treasure, 10. Mother and Child, 11. khalil_in_stall, 12. the west wind, 13. Perpetual awareness, 14. day 269: the feet of a future marathonist?, 15. Life is a journey, 16. Baby Hippo, 17. Boxmeer 2002, 18. fear, 19. Ranunculus, White, 20. January, 21. CRBR003088, 22. Gisimba Memorial Center, 23. Lines of Life, 24. First Step Into Water, 25. day 218: first step?, 26. Mother and Child, 27. Hello World, 28. First steps in the big world, 29. First steps..., 30. primeiros passos (first steps) ..., 31. His first steps!, 32. first steps, 33. First steps, 34. Img14532, 35. Taking It's First Step!!, 36. First Steps!


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Lots of pithy thoughts on your Flickr page (yes, Flicker's WONDERFUL!) and so are you. Love you, love your pictures--and looking forward to 2007. And yes, it IS a wonderful world! Thanks, Maureen, for everything!

Bitterroot said...

My dear M, you'll never know how much your poem here means to me. Happy New Year to you...and my thanks to you for a wonderful friendship.

Kay Cooke said...

Thanks for the lovely thoughts and for your posts (and comments on my blog) over the past year. Here's to 2007 being the best yet!

Kim Carney said...

Happy New Year! I feel so privileged to have met you IN PERSON, and to know you on flickr and on your blog. YOu are wonderful! In and Out ...and I cherish you! Sam!

Tammy Brierly said...

You made some awesome picks! Dave wrote me a poem from Manny that I posted today. Give Sam a squeeze from me and one for you. Happy New Year!

Thank you for your touching words.

Maureen said...

Thank you so much, all, for your comments and good wishes. You have each given me things I could not have found or received from any other person. Thank you for your friendship.

Bitterroot and Kim, I, too, feel privileged for having met you both in person. And Pepek, Chiefbiscuit and Tammy, I hope someday I get to meet you in person, too. Wherever we may be...

Tammy, I'm heading over now to read Dave's poem for you. sounds like i might need kleenex, though, eh?

Regina said...

That was wonderful and Happy New Year to you as well. I loved the second stanza- I still look for that seed...

Alessandra Cave said...

Great idea to do a collage! The images are beautiful and complement your vivid and lovely thoughts. I learn so much from this wonderful community. Thank you so much!

Deb said...

This a great song for the new year. I especially like how "handprints on the glass" made me think a little differently about "seeing" through, past, around things. Super image. Great set of "images" altogether!

Maureen said...

i've been away from online for a bit, just getting back to this post and all the comments. Wow - thank you to everyone. I really truly wish you all the best this year.