Thursday, February 24

Orange Tulips Smile at Sunrise

playing around with the manual controls on my camera -- i never know what it will look like til i see it on the computer screen. w/o my glasses, i can't see worth a damn on the tiny camera screen.

took this in early morning -- turned out to be a happy accident. i waited a few minutes and shot this one. I like the first, darker photo better... Orange Tulips

Monday, February 21

Mid winter ... wet earth smell in the bath

Ahhh .... the incredible earthy smell of wet soil ... watering my houseplants in our bath transports me to warmer seasons; to greenhouses, glass observatories where the fragrance of just-wet earth and green leaves breathing make it hard to draw a deep breath.

Outside a new dusting of snow covers the brown and gray of winter, yet here I am delighted on a February day: humidity, greenery, life, shadows and patterns of light. I can tell the plants are happy for the shower.

Thursday, February 10

Ten Reasons Not to Move to Canada written by Sarah Anderson and published in Common Dreams News Center

Tuesday, February 8

Teaching Method: Show and Tell

Courtney Milne: "Let's you and I conjure together. You watch me and I'll watch you and I will show you how to show me how to show you how to do our marvelous human tricks together."

Monday, February 7

Portrait of Self - Workshops with At Risk Youth

You might find some relevant ideas here:

Hugh Merill's workbook/handbook for his "Portrait of Self" workshops with teens

Also check out his "Writings and Bio" page. He has some interesting projects going in "Community Art" section

Sunday, February 6

Arts Programs for At-Risk Youth

Gabe, this link is here specifically for you, Jack and Aaron - for your project. Thought you might want to investigate funding means -- and this might give you some ideas.

Friday, February 4

Sine Language

Sine Language
Originally uploaded by Nanci.
Found on Flickr - MIT and Java applet. Nanci's photostream

Thursday, February 3

Homeless shelter/Street Nomads/Shelter as Weapon of Consciousness/City Living/A shopping cart mobile shelter

From Rachel Carley's article on Homelessness in the New Zealand mag, Pander:

In 1988, New York based artist, Krzysztof Wodiczko designed a vehicle for use by the nomadic urban homeless – in particular the ‘scavenger’ that makes their living by collecting used cans and selling them to be recycled. The vehicle was designed to ameliorate living conditions for this particular group, and made provision for the storage of personal belongings, can collecting, and also a space for sleeping. The vehicle gives the homeless a vernacular presence within the city – to echo the quotidian objects of consumption and merchandising – the street vendor, in attempts to establish an empathy between these landless individuals and their observers.

A schematic drawing of Wodiczko's vehicle / accommodation.

Material World
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