Tuesday, December 5

Soul of a Tree

The Festival of Trees #6 is up at Arboreality ... and here is a link to the main Festival of Trees blog. I'd like to share this slideshow with my blog visitors, in celebration of trees, photos I have taken over the last 4 seasons:

If you'd like to see any of the slideshow photos individually and/or at larger sizes, just click on the photo in the slideshow window and it should take you to that photo's page in my flickr account. For the large sizes, you have to click the button above the photo that says "all sizes"

Thanks for visiting my blog, for reading and (hopefully) enjoying the photos


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

I left my condolences for your computer and good wishes for your Tim last night, but blogger apparently ate it. Love the Soul of a Tree!

Did you get a new camera? I told you (yesterday) about another of my blogger friends who last week (during the power surge that followed a power outage) fried dead her computer--so I immediately went to Target and bought a 2 gig flash drive and backed up my stuff....

Maureen said...

hi pepek, I haven't gotten a new camera or computer yet -- these are old photos assembled into a "new" album, since I'm having such withdrawal symptoms I thought I would play around (make that: rearrange) my older flickr photos a bit

blogger eats comments frequently. I think blogger has a soft-spot for comments or ... at least a comment-tooth. hard to satisfy that creature! Soory it ate your comment, but here you are again so I'm good. '-)

That is SO SMART to get the 2 gig flash drive. When I get another computer, I'm going to do the same thing. At least with a flash drive you can easily take it with you for safety. I might even get two - for double assurance.

thanks for your comments. We're going to be out of town for the next few days ... back on Monday. I'll for sure zip over to your blog when I get back. I miss reading your stuff!

Endment said...

Just spent yesterday at B & H in Manhattan - drool - came home with some camera equipment and to my joy my camera also had arrived back from servicing when I got home. Wish you a refreshing trip.

Thanks for the link - If my courage lasts ---- I will try to set up a slide show - love yours!

Dave said...

Those are absolutely stunning photos! I hope you will consider submitting something to the upcoming Festival of the Trees.

I have to say, I'm not crazy about this particular slideshow format - the photos are too small, go too fast, and land at weird angles. When I click on an individual "slide," it pulls up the Flickr page, but the show continues. I think Flickr slideshows are better because the viewer can adjust the timing and easily pause it to get the title, etc. I realize that merely giving a link isn't as exciting as having a show live on the blog, though.

Maureen said...

dave and endment - thanks for the thoughtful comments.

dave, I agree with you about the slide show format. It's not ideal. I appreciate your feedback, very much. I'll see what I can do. not having the use of my own computer at the moment, it might be awhile before I can re-do the slideshow, but I would like to. It's a bit distracting not being able to see the entire photo each time -- to see the whole pile. I also agree with you that flickr's slideshows are much better. I wish I could embed the flickr slideshow in the blog post, though.

Maureen said...

endment, I forgot to say how I envy you (!) being able to walk into B&H at all -- drool withstanding. I only wish we had those kind of stores near us. Will have to wait until I make a long trip to a very big city. have fun with your new photo stuff. :-D