Tuesday, December 26

Band Names Generator

I guess I needed a diversion today. How I found this website, a band-name generator, certainly I don't know. Three page refreshes got me this cumulative list:

  • Ziggy Claypool and the Stellar Plumbers
  • Five Pancakes and Their Java
  • The Invisible Puddle Adventure
  • Venomous Alpha
  • Caustic Boy
  • Bob and the Constantinople Carpenters
  • Stone Claypool and the Toronto Angels
  • The Vicious Tapirs
  • Sylvester Phillips and the Stellar Accountants
  • The Bumblebee Conspiracy
  • Ziggy Edwards and the Universal Land Racket
  • The Invisible Purity Quartet
  • Leather Chain
  • The Ravenous Temple Encounter
  • Insane Snout
  • Buckaroo Johnson and the Young Tapir System
  • The Bishop Brigade
  • Gammaman
  • Plague of Rivers
  • The Leather Hammer Group
  • feargun
  • Confederate Men
  • colorgarden
  • A Temple of Fingers
hey, there are some pretty good name ideas there ...

Josh ( I think that's who has the word generators) has other word generators, Adolescent Poetry and Post Modernism Essays... reminds me of really really bad academic papers. The papers even have footnotes! '-D

Here are a couple of excerpts from "The Posttextual Paradigm of Discourse and Nationalism

In the works of Burroughs, a predominant concept is the concept of precapitalist culture. But Foucault promotes the use of semantic desituationism to read class. Nationalism suggests that the task of the participant is deconstruction, given that reality is distinct from language.

or this one:
In a sense, the premise of the posttextual paradigm of discourse holds that academe is capable of social comment, but only if Bataille’s critique of nationalism is valid; otherwise, Baudrillard’s model of the posttextual paradigm of discourse is one of “Lacanist obscurity”, and thus intrinsically impossible. The subject is contextualised into a postcapitalist dialectic theory that includes reality as a totality.


Anonymous said...

a temple of fingers...

how interesting that would be. i actually have an image of rooms and rooms of women weaving...

i hope you are well my friend. merry, merry christmas to you...

Maureen said...

merry merry christmas and winter season to you too, Liz. a temple of fingers ... that's the one that grabbed me too. when you read through this list, most of the names sound pretty plausible. says alot about band naming protocol. heheh. i like your image of women weaving. could be women doing anything with their hands ... kneading bread, writing longhand, changing diapers, wrenching on an engine, making tortillas, painting, knitting. I like that.

minnetonkafelix said...

Ok - How come I picked The Temple of Fingers too... and I figured it out:

The childrens game - Here is the church, here is the steeple, open the door and see all the people.

Only the church is really filled with giant fingers... Art Bell where are you?

Anyway hi, I just stopped by your blog to visit.

Maureen said...

minnetonkafelix, yup - i remember that finger game too. i used to play it to keep boredom away during church services. i altered it a bit -- had all the "people" up on the roof.

thanks for your visit. :)

Kay Cooke said...

Words need to be kept simple don't they or we get lost in what seems like a forest of letters! (Maybe it's the words on paper returning to their original form?) Anyway,I digress, have yourself a Happy New Year!