Thursday, May 19

Doodle Analysis

"If you really want to get anal about your doodles" (or don't flush those doodles! Analyze them first!")

Repeated triangles, squares and other shapes drawn in patterns is supposed to mean an organized brain and meticulous planning and thinking, along with efficiency and purposefulness. Hmmm.... I'm not so sure about that. I do alot of pattern-type doodles and I am most definitely not methodical and efficient. I guess there is always at least one exception to any "rule ..."

Here's another doodle type -- repetitive shapes:

According to the Anna Koren Graphology Center, repeated shapes means someone with patience, perseverance, who is also methodical and has the ability to concentrate. Hmmm, though I also doodle as above, and I think I am patient and can concentrate - I am again not methodical. Oh well. :-)