Thursday, July 27

Calendar for August: Prairie Storm

Dear blog readers:

for my August calendar gift to you, I've chosen to feature a photo I shot on our trip to Saskatchewan. I shot this from the car window, just after (or before -- I can't remember) an incredibly beautiful prairie storm. I was in awe of the light, the landforms, the gentle rolling hills and the prarie, both cultivated and native. What a gorgeous province!

To all of my blog readers and occasional visitors, please feel free to download and print this calendar -- I publish these downloadable calendars monthly as a gift of appreciation to you for sharing your lives with me through your writings and photos and comments on my blogs. (you can see my other blog, Land of Little Rain, here.) I always appreciate knowing if you are using these calendars, and if you enjoy reading my blog, seeing the photos I share ... whatever. Please let me know you're here! Thank you.