Wednesday, February 8

A Treat for my Blog Readers

Best Egg Salad Ever, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.

Best Egg Salad Ever, a recipe I invented because we like having this for lunch but wanted to find a healthier substitute for the mayonnaise in traditional egg salad.

If you click on the photo above, it takes you to my flickr page where the photo has notes detailing how to make the recipe. I'll post the written recipe here, later this week when I get time to write it down. Right now it's in my head where 99% of my recipes reside.

I used extra virgin olive oil, a little fresh lemon juice and some dijon mustard to moisten the chopped egg instead of mayo. Also I add lots of crunchy ingredients like celery, tart apples, carrots, green onions and sometimes toasted pecans. Lemon zest give it zing. Enjoy!