Thursday, February 2

The Daily Ink

Wowza! -- Utata received special mention on Eye on the Web today. That's good ink about the Utata members and about our latest project which I lovelovelove.

I just submitted some photos -- I didn't do much in the grander scheme of the site ... people like Catherine, Greg, Ross, Chris, Irina are the ones who work (seems to me super long) hours putting the projects together into a gorgeous, well-functioning website/center-for-artistic types. Utata is my favorite webplace ever.

Anyway, if you're interested in reading what Catherine wrote about the press Utata is getting, it's here on The Daily Ink.

Here's what the "Eye on the Web" radio show had to say about Utata:

Behold the beautiful. That's exactly what you can do at This online salon was created by a group of photographers, writers and like-minded people who share a compelling interest in the arts, and Utata continues to evolve as they investigate the intricacies of artistic beauty. The site's sophisticated and clean design is evidence of their impeccable taste. The articles and photography then take the exercise to the next level, with dramatically beautiful photos and fascinating copy. Among other varied subjects, you can learn about life in Masterton, New Zealand, or ruminate on the joys of a good nap. You'll find many perspectives here as you poke about in the Archives, the Articles, the Columns and the Projects, or you can learn more about the artists themselves. One thing is certain, though: wherever you go in Utata, it will be beautiful.

Eye on the Web - it's an "international radio show featuring the fun and fanciful world of the Web, sponsored by sculptor Kevin Caron."