Saturday, February 3

100 Best Living Songwriters.

Our son, John Carney, strumming in our living room.

PASTE Radio has a list of the 100 Best Living Songwriters ..... of course, there will be lots of arguments about this list -- not just who's on it, but the ranking for your favorite artists. Still, it's a great list to cruise through on a weekend filled with music. Maybe you'll hear something totally new to you. I'd love a handful of cds with this lineup, something i could listen to on long road trips:
  1. Bob Dylan *
  2. Neil Young *
  3. Bruce Springsteen
  4. Waits/Brennan
  5. Paul McCartney
  6. Leonard Cohen *
  7. Brian Wilson
  8. Elvis Costello
  9. Joni Mitchell *
  10. Prince
  11. Randy Newman *
  12. Jagger/Richards
  13. Paul Simon *
  14. Stevie Wonder *
  15. Willie Nelson
  16. David Bowie
  17. Holland/Dozier/Holland
  18. U2
  19. Patty Griffin * one of my faves of favorite songwriters ... her voice is incredible! Yesterday NPR featured her music. Listen to "Rain:"
  20. Van Morrison *
  21. Lou Reed *
  22. Lucinda Williams
  23. John/Taupin
  24. Jeff Tweedy
  25. Chuck Berry
  26. R.E.M. *
  27. Radiohead
  28. Robbie Robertson
  29. Tom Petty *
  30. John Prine *
  31. Carole King
  32. Leiber/Stoller
  33. Pete Townshend
  34. John Fogerty
  35. Steve Earle
  36. Beck
  37. Smokey Robinson
  38. Kris Kristofferson
  39. Led Zeppelin
  40. Bacharach/David
  41. Ray Davies
  42. Loretta Lynn
  43. Ryan Adams
  44. Al Green
  45. Jackson Browne
  46. David Byrne
  47. Sufjan Stevens
  48. Welch/Rawlings
  49. Cat Stevens
  50. Public Enemy
  51. Penn/Oldham
  52. Paul Westerberg
  53. James Taylor *
  54. Aimee Mann *
  55. Dolly Parton
  56. James Brown *
  57. Morrissey
  58. Sly Stone
  59. Jack White
  60. Jimmy Webb
  61. John Hiatt
  62. Sting *
  63. Richard Thompson
  64. Andy Partridge
  65. Bill Mallonee
  66. Charles Thompson
  67. Conor Oberst
  68. Allen Toussaint
  69. Merle Haggard
  70. Alex Chilton
  71. Vic Chesnutt
  72. Michael Jackson
  73. Julie Miller
  74. Over the Rhine
  75. Ron Sexsmith
  76. Will Oldham
  77. Bruce Cockburn *
  78. Robert Pollard
  79. Stephen Malkmus
  80. Pink Floyd *
  81. The Flaming Lips
  82. John Darnielle
  83. Fleetwood Mac *
  84. They Might Be Giants *
  85. David Bazan
  86. Sam Beam
  87. Lyle Lovett
  88. Parliament
  89. Victoria Williams
  90. Nick Cave
  91. Drive-By Truckers
  92. Alejandro Escovedo
  93. Joseph Arthur
  94. Sam Phillips
  95. Patti Smith
  96. Jimmy Cliff *
  97. Josh Ritter
  98. Jay Farrar
  99. Outkast
  100. T. Bone Burnett

I really like listening to
PASTE -- check out their music player if you get a chance and don't already listen to it regularly. - it's one way to be reminded of music I might not otherwise come across. National Public Radio's "All Songs Considered" is another venue for hearing new music.

Our kids also introduce us to new music by making us mixed cds --- I love that -- don't always love every piece they choose, but I definitely like to be exposed. Thanks, you guys.

I've put a star by some of my favorites on the list. So, blog readers, let's hear your ideas on songwriters you think should have been on the list .... who are your favorites from this list or not?


Justin said...

I agree with a lot of your choices, but I can't believe that Mark Knopfler isn't on there. He didn't die when I wasn't paying attention did he?

maureen said...

not my choices, Justin -- these are the choices of a large group of musicians, music critics and radio hosts ... and yes most def -- Mark Knopfler should be on the list. imho, he should be up in the top 20 at least. I loved (loved!) the soundtrack to Cal. Have you heard that one? I have it on a cassette tape and of course, don't own a cassette tape player anymore. (do they even make those these days?) and have yet to purchase a cd of the soundtrack. I miss listening to it.

Justin said...

Oh, I didn't mean the list, I just meant the ones you put stars next to, the choices that is. I might be a dumb redneck but I CAN read after all, LOL.

I have indeed NOT heard of that one, I'll have to see if I can find it somewhere. I have my vays of finding out zees tings zhou know. ;)

maureen said...

duh - my bad. I forgot i had done that. of course you meant the ones with stars. see? I can't even read my own posts. ;-) hope you can find Cal it's a good one.

Anonymous said...

Three other sites to explore new music:

Really appreciate your blog,

maureen said...

Eva, thanks fo rthe links - I'll check them out and let you know what I find/think. And I appreciate you leaving a bread crumb (comment) about my blog. Glad you enjoy it. :-)

Chris said...

interesting list. i think they overrate a bunch of people -- McCartney and Prince in the Top 10???

didn't know you were a Patty Griffin fan. i think she's the best of the young turks.

if you haven't heard her, you should check out Gillian Welch. she's an amazing poet as well.

glad to see some lesser known folks on the list. Over the Rhine is a great group out of Cincinnati and Josh Ritter is good (although putting someone on a greatest ever list after 3 albums is a stretch).

No Knopfler is a gross injustice.

Tamra said...

To have McCartney and not include Lennon??? Say What???