Saturday, August 27

My latest project .... I made this berm with my hands. ahem.

Actually I was trying to help Max and Joan visualize the berm in the center of their circular driveway, where they have an island. Andy is working on the project mostly by himself. This week he dug out 9 very large steel posts that were set in concrete around the perimeter of this circular island.

This weekend, he is shaping a berm using 20 yards (4 dump truck loads) of compost/soil mixture and 5 or 6 very large boulders that will be backfilled so they look like a natural outcropping.

I was trying demonstrate a curved (like open-arms) mound and decided just to shape it in the dirt right there. I used branches from their shrubs to stand in for a flowering crab tree and shrubs in small scale. The dirt clods are "boulders". This photo doesn't really show the 3-d shape of the little diorama I made, but it gives an idea.

Here's Andy artistically shaping the berm/mound: