Monday, August 8

Gabe & His Friends at Work

Montana Friends at Work
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Just got back from checking on these guys. Gabe, Jack and Kyle are working on the gardens of some of my clients this month while they're "home in Montana" from Eugene.

Gabe is the one on the right, with his dreads tucked up into his homemade hat ... Kyle is hatless and Jack has the camouflage hat (lower left photo)

I'm so glad to have them helping my customers, and they're glad to have good paying work, since they -- like most college students and recent grads -- really need the $$.

So, this was day one. They demolished a section of fence, removed a decrepit cedar deck, pulled up and stockpiled stepping stones, bricks, landscape timbers, etc in the front garden ... ripped out a bunch of mangey shrubs, a raspberry patch (after eating all the ripe ones), ran into a couple of yellowjacket nests, raked out the soil to grade it and got it ready for tilling and more demolition tomorrow.

They're all hard workers. I have a certain pride, being -- ahem! -- Gabe's mom, but I have to say even if I weren't related to one of these handsome guys, I'd still think they were hard working, great guys.

I'll post more photos on my flickr site as the job progresses.