Saturday, August 20

Hands Crafted This Wedding Gift

Old Quilt
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My Aunt Tootsie collects old quilts. Even before Tim and I were married, she sent us a wedding gift -- a wonderful old purple quilt (not this one in the photo.) Tootsie finds quilts at garage sales and flea markets for unbelievable bargain prices. I wish I lived near her, so I could go with her and maybe find my own deals. In the meantime, I have the one she gave us, which I really love and use alot.

That quilt (a mostly-lavendar color) has traveled with us for years. We use it, rather than keep it wrapped up in the linen closet, or as some folks do, only bringing it out for special guests ...

Our purple-tootsie-quilt has seen better days (one of those better days was the day she sent it to us) but it sure has been loved! Almost loved to death. It's been on picnics all over the state of Montana ... served as extra warmth on camping trips; wrapped me up after a brisk swim in the river; cushioned us both as we lay on hard, rocky ground watching the stars ... kept friends warm around our back yard spring, winter and autumn fires (summer fires, we usually don't need that extra layer of warmth) and even adorned our big comfy bed when I'm in the mood for a splash of wild color in our bedroom.

Thank you Auntie Tootsie and Unca Hohnny for that wonderful wedding gift years ago. What a great gift to give someone - a handmade quilt to be used not hidden away! Everytime we use it, snuggle under it or share a picnic on it -- I think of you both.