Tuesday, August 23

Falling in Love Some More

Falling in Love some More
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August 23, 2005: Clancy and Amanda were married today in a wonderful ceremony on their land. They planted a sugar maple in the middle of their young orchard. The pathway splits around the new tree, forming a beautiful tear-drop or diamond shape around the tree. The path and tree seem to symbolize the joining of their hearts under the shelter of this tree; the blending and sharing of their families; the way their life's journeys have come together in sweetness. Even though they each will maintain their individualtiy, throughout their married life they will be connected by their love for each other and the earth.

Their land in Blue Cloud is very special to them -- a gentle, peaceful and bountiful place outside of Helena, Montana. They have transformed what was once a junkyard and neglected piece of land into a paradise for themselves, their family and their friends. I am amazed at what Clancy and Amanda have done with the land.

Aspen Grove Home Aspen groves, a pond with willow wattle terracing, a small creek, verdant wetlands, high open meadows, beckoning pathways lined with river stones .... freely roaming chickens and a colorful vegetable garden. They are almost finished building themselves a tiny, two story studio tucked away in the aspens -- you get to it by a boardwalk over the fragile the wetlands. Clancy and Amanda love each other and they obviously love this land. I wish them many more years of growing together, growing a family, feeding their hearts and feeding their friends with their many talents.

Going Toward the Light Amanda & Clancy are Married on Their Land

I took a little stroll around this lovely place and tried to capture a few photos so I could give them to the new couple ---photos of this special day in their lives. This is just one. I made a photo set of Amanda and Clancy on my flickr page -- I will add to it as I can.


Bitterroot said...

This is lovely, Maureen! A day of inspiration and renewal.

RavenGrrl said...

you're right, Edith - it was inspiring. I'm not a real party person, so I wasn't super sure I wanted to go, but after we got there and I connected to their land and shot a few people photos, I was SO glad to be there. Clancy and Amanda have done wonders (really, not in the cliche way that's usually said) with this slice of earth - it used to be a completely derelict, run down junk heap and they have made it beautiful and engaging.

Sarah Nopp said...
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Sarah Nopp said...

I used to live in Helena, and had friends who lived up Blue Cloud, long before any of the new homes in that area. They had a cabin, a bunkhouse and 2 teepee houses and were completely off-grid. Bruce Bunger, a sculptor, is his name. Do you happen to know him or his children, Jordan, Justin and Joslyn? We have lost contact with him and his children completely.
I recognize that stand of trees. Amazing place. I miss visiting.