Sunday, August 7

Jump for Joy

Jump for Joy
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I love this picture I shot yesterday of Gave - it looks like he's jumping for joy, something he has done often since he could stand up without holding onto something.

He and I drove up to this parcel of 46 acres near the Dearborn River yesterday -- and although I went without expectations of finding something beautiful enough to buy, WOWZA! it is gorgeous -- Tim, Mickey and Jenny and I are heading back up there this afternoon to scope it out further and take more photos to post for our friend who may purchase this land. Wish we could buy it ourselves! I would in a split second if we had the $$.

On our way back we stopped at a swimming hole on the Dearborn where the landowners in that region have private access to the river. It was incredibly refreshing on a day that hit 100F in the shade. Sam swam with us, too. He was super hot with his black coat.

Check out my imagestation album and my flickr photostream for more photos of this area and land. The imagestation album has more pix than the flickr page

Yesterday we explored all around. Gabe is as good at reading topo maps as I am, maybe better at this point because he's more recently practiced, and we think we figured out the boundaries. Today we go back to decide if there are enough levels places in the upper meadows, and how the cabin would work for our group to meet there. It's a spectacular, awesome spot up on the open upper parkland.