Wednesday, August 17

Late Afternoon Pasture

Late Afternoon Pasture
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J & M's pasture backlit by the sun. If I could look out one of my windows onto this beautiful scene, I'd want to preserve the beauty.

They live out in the valley, which still has (barely) a rural landscape character. Appreciating the existing landscape requires seeing what's there in a certain way. Backlight makes it so easy!

I'm working on a design for the part of their land near the house, just inside the rail fence... trying to work with the land's rural/flat/agricultural character ... as well as the odd "southwest" style architecture (arches, adobe.) The house is a hodge-podge of architectural styles with odd wood trim over fake adobe, a walled "zen garden," plant beds with lava rock, rough boulders and smooth river rock (all in the same bed) and more typical local landscaping such as caragana, lilac, buffalo junipers and chokecherry trees. Add to that,J & M's eclectic taste and esthetics and you end up with a real challenge. I will try to post updates.