Monday, December 24

Digital Paintings and Collages by Maureen Shaughnessy

MontanaRaven - Alterations & Digital Collages' set

All images copyright © by Maureen Shaughnessy. If you would like to use these images in any way, you must have written permission. Email me to ask about purchasing or using my artwork. (you can find my email on the profile page.) Thank you for your courtesy,


Pam said...

These are so beautiful, Maureen, your talent is huge. I love them all but was particularly taken with "The cusp of a dream." I don't have your vision, but I sure wish I understood your grasp of Photoshop!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

These truly are wonderful. Pam, I was thinking about you as scrolled down all these pieces of art, and they are wonderful, Maureen.