Saturday, June 2

Contemplative Garden with Pond

For the last two years I have been working off and on in this garden. It is still a work in progress. One of the best things about this garden is the little pond we installed. It is designed to appear as if it extends under the low deck, or as if the deck is cantilevered over the pond. It brings the sound of running water, and the sights of fishes flashing in the shadows right up to where people are sitting on the deck.

If you are considering building a garden pond, planning is super important -- location, location location! You can go to alot of trouble and expense to build a pond, and if it is off in an unused corner of your back yard, or right next to the front door (when you never hang out there) you won't be able to enjoyt the benefits of the pond as often as if you locate it close to your favorite hangout. In this case, that meant close to the deck and patio.

Koi, originally uploaded by Dean in the Flickr
Ponds group. Check out the pool of pond
photos -- lots of inspiration there.
Other Links to pond design and how-to:
Audobon Backyard article on wildlife ponds
Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Backyard Ponds
Another Audubon Backyard article on a low-cost watergarden to attract wildlife

I'll update this post as the garden progresses further. Please check back


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Beautiful! Hey, glad to see you back--hope you had a good trip down this direction--! I have an inclination to go downtown to that Japanese restaurant and ask for John, and say,
Um, hey there. Do you know somebody called Montana Raven...? Well, bring me some California sushi and let me take your picture,kiddo, over there where the light is better....Yes, right there. *Flash*

Thanks for revisiting my poems. :)

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Again, I could spend hours winding my way through Land of Little Rain, too. I love it so much. It means so much to me. Each post is like moving through some brand new element, not just air or earth or water--but some undiscovered element. I don't know how else to say it. So I'll just say, Thanks.

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

BTW, while my son was here installing his old computer for me (his is much younger than mine, and a hundred times faster!) I introduced him to both your places, and he's putting them on his new computer.... He was very impressed.

Bitterroot said...

Hope your pond vision works out wonderfully and well for you!

Maureen said...

thanks to both of you! Pepek, I would highly encourage you to go to Takashi's downtown. And it would be a stitch if you introduced yourself to John that way. He'd probably get a blank look on his face for a minute because I don't think he ever reads my blogs or looks at my Flickr photos. At least not that I know of.

I would get such a kick out of seeing a Pepek-pic of our son, John! Please do it!

And thanks for introducing me to your son through my blogs. Hope he shows himself from time to time.

E: I'll be posting updates as I take more photos. Actually, I have lots of before-during-and-after shots I just have to have time to process them and post them. :-)