Thursday, March 22

World Water Day, April 22nd 2007

In honor of World Water Day, March 22, 2007, today, I am posting a few links to water conservation specifically for gardening and landscaping because that's what I do for a living (landscape design specializing in design of waterwise landscapes and sustainable gardens) and because lately I have been working on some native grass meadow and lawn projects, and this ties right in .... so here we go:

World Water Day Links:

Xeriscaping & Water Conservaton Links:

Edited to add these two photos of my mom, Pat, with her Raging Grannies group. They sang and performed for World Water Day in Kelowna, BC. My mom is the one in the turquoise shawl. Isn't she beautiful?


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Yea for the Raging Grannies! Yes, she is beautiful, as are you. I loved Sam and his birthday party.

Bitterroot said...

Wonderful postings about water and grass, my friend.