Friday, September 9

Sky Bowl

Sky Bowl
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In the next few days I will feature image sets for the seasons in Montana. This "Sky Bowl" photo (the sky reflected in our birdbath) represents my Montana Summer set. Click here to see the whole set.

Summer in the Rocky Mountain state of Montana begins late and ends early. In the brief phrase we call "summer" Montana makes a rich and complex statement of her essence: nature reigns here!

Montanans are among the world's most "outdoors-living" inhabitants. We make full use of the warm season to grow what we can in our gardens, explore nature and love life. Everything summerish gets compressed into a little under 10 weeks; then we get our first frost, the nights are cold enough for a comfortor again, migrating birds desert us for warmer climes.

Montana's largest city has a population easily under 100,000. Our entire state's population is three quarters of a million yet we have one of the largest land masses of any US state. Driving from one side of Montana to the other takes all day -- and we always pass at least one person we know on the road. Strangers wave at each other and smile. We can walk out the back door of our house (in the capitol city) and in one block, be past the city limits, into beautiful natural hiking country.

I love Montana. Although our economy isn't the greatest, and it's sometimes hard to find reasonable airfares in and out of our city, I wouldn't trade Montana for anywhere else on earth.

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Bitterroot said...

Hi Maureen...just wanted to stop by and thank you for the rich assortment of posts and images you've offered up in the past few days. I love seeing pix of your family and your Sky Bowl photo is just elegant. As you know, I share completely your sentiments about Montana! I'm off to Madrid; will check back in about 10 days.

I tried to leave a similar post yesterday but the system didn't appear take it. If you find two posts that are much alike, that's why!