Wednesday, September 28

Overall a Beautiful Day for a Birthday

My birthday was yesterday. It was also my sister, Moira's birthday. And my friend Patricia's birthday. September 27th is an enormously popular day for a birthday. Sam took me for a walk and to shoot some photos (even some of my feet, which has been an annual b-day tradition of sorts, since 1977) I won't gross anybody out by posting my feet-photos (at least not this time), but here is one I like -- sunlight on water.

Overall a beautiful day.


Bitterroot said...

Happy Birthday, Maureen! I posted this greeting on your actual birthday, but it didn't "take," so I'm trying again!

RavenGrrl said...

oh, thank you, Edith - for saying that. It's always good when your friends notice it's your birthday. When is yours???

Bitterroot said...

October 20: all too soon!