Monday, September 5

Labor Day Labor of Love

My husband, the owner and proprietor of Timothy's Fine Woodworking --- is taking a brief break from his labors ... on Labor Day. He spent today building the baptismal font for St. Paul's Church. In the past week, Tim has finished the other furniture for the new sanctuary: two large arm chairs, a smaller armless chair, the pulpit and a lectern, an altar and a long bench. These are all made of highly figured cherry, fiddleback maple and birch.

My handsome, kind-hearted husband ...

Tim calls me a shutterbug but he knows I occasionally come up with good photos in my poking around. I played with my camera in Tim's shop for awhile, shooting mostly macros and odd angles. I hope to be able to take some photos of the finished furniture when it is in place, in the new church about mid-September. The huge altar has graceful curves:

Earlier this year, I put together a set of photos showing the building and installation of an amazing 7 - 8 ft high circular stained glass window made by Tim Carney (my Tim!) and a Helena glass artist, Barry Hood. You can see those photos here.