Tuesday, September 6

Sam's Daily Grind: Holding Down the Floor

Update on Sam's foot surgerY: we just heard from our vet, who told us the test results show the growth on Sam's foot was benign. So now he just has to stop licking that foot and let it heal. It was an "Adnexal Dysplasia" -- a cyst that had begun to get icky. Anyway, I'm glad he's okay and doesn't have to have anything else done to his poor foot! It's been hard to keep Sam from licking that foot.

Here he is doing his job: Tim say's it's "holding down the floor" whether it's the house floor, the shop floor, the porch or the ground outside. Sam does a really good job. So far, the floors are all still there where they are supposed to be.

Gotta Lotta Work To Do Keeping the Floor From Flyin Away