Saturday, September 10

"Do I have to put up with this indignity???"

Well, it happened - the vet put this thing on Sam. Much to his displeasure -- in fact, he seems quietly offended and refuses to look at me now. I shot this by just putting the camera on the ground and pretending I wasn't doing anything special. Otherwise, Sam pointedly looks the other way when faced with my little digital cam.

It turned out the growth was benign, which is good news, but it's taking a long time to heal. He was told ... if ya lick, ya get the lampshade ... but, did he listen? anh-hunh. I guess the licking is nigh on irresistible. And wrapping the foot didn't work -- trying to keep a bandage on this old guy's foot is like trying to keep a cheese sandwich dry in a swimming pool. Not fun!

I made a slideshow of Sam's life -- you can watch it by clicking on this button:
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