Wednesday, June 15

Planting Container Gardens

I had an amazingly fun weekend day with one of my clients a couple weeks ago, planting her containers with some of my design combinations. We shopped at nurseries for all of her plants on Friday. On Sunday, we spent almost 8 hours together out in her garden (right on the shore of a lake near Helena) ....sunny day, light breeze to keep us cool, shaded temporary potting area set up under the cottonwood and maple trees. It was a beautiful day and so much fun. Part of me wishes I could do just that for a living... designing and planting container gardens. Here are some more of the results of that day:

Elephant Ear, Coleus, Ipomoea,
Creeping Jenny, etc:

Newly planted shade containers out in the garden

Coleus, Maidenhair Fern,

Shade Container

Gold Hakone Grass, Blue Hosta,
Dark Blue Lobelia, Creeping Jenny:

Hakone Grass & Hosta in Shade Container