Monday, June 27

A Bouquet for Today

Lady Holding Her Bouquet
Originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.
This ceramic vase was a wedding gift from our friend, Kay. Made by Richard Swanson, a Helena artist. I love the way the vase-lady's personality changes with the different flowers and leaves we have in the vase. The way she is holding whatever bouquet I put in the vase, also changes the flowers.

I like using the hosta leaves in flower arrangements. They last for weeks.

Here's another of Richard's pieces, one of a series of teapots:

A Bird in Hand


Bitterroot said...

Hello...I never thought of using hosta leaves in a flower arrangement. Great idea! Do you have any other pix of this phenomenon, perhaps on Flickr?

Loved the yarn and car photos! Colors of the rainbow in soft and hard media!

RavenGrrl said...

I'll post a couple other pictures of hosta leaf arrangements on flickr. Have ta find them on the computer -- check back in a day or so. I had fun taking the colorful photos. Color is one of my big loves!