Sunday, June 12

One Way to Design & Plant Containers

Entry Garden Containers

The sketch/idea for planting these particular pots for Elizabeth's entry garden. A set of two will be placed on either side of her entry slate steps, under the pergola:
<Drawing idea for Container PlantingsAnd the containers when we first planted them... (they haven't had time to perk up and start filling in yet)
Entry Containers Planted


Bitterroot said...

Wonderful! I love seeing these ideas...

RavenGrrl said...

I'm glad to be able to inspire you with the container ideas. I'll post more when I get a chance. I bet you're having a great time on your trip out here to Montana -- I look forward to seeing some more of your wonderful photos and reading your blog entries when you return. Good luck on your travels!

Bitterroot said...

It was a great trip, thank you. I wasn't far from your neck of the woods - the Smith River. What a paradise!! Photos are gradually emerging from my computer onto Flickr and two of them have found their way to the blog.

I'm so glad you're reactivating your blog. Your Iandscape design is wonderful! I enjoy reading about your doings in Helena and environs. I've always had family in Helena and I think it's a great place. We stayed at the Sanders B&B last winter during a little trip over there.

RavenGrrl said...

The Sanders - even my husband and I have stayed there (to get away from home when the kids were still living here) and it's only a few blocks from our house! Its a fantastic B&B - very professionally operated and they serve absolutely delicious breakfasts!

You're lucky to get a permit for the
Smith River. I used to float the Smith at least every other year before the permitting became such a lottery -- before the river got so crowded, but I guess that's what's happening to so many of the "pristine" wild places in North America -- they become so popular that we need to restrict the usage so the people who are lucky enough to go there, at least have some semblance of a wilderness experience. So, was your trip wet and rainy? warm, sunny? Beautiful either way?

Bitterroot said...

It was all the above, which makes for a total experience! It rained two nights and the sun was out most of the time during the day. It was a grand trip; the lottery system prevents some of the overcrowding I've seen in western Montana. I'm coming back next month to spend some time in the Swan Valley, where our family has had a little old cabin for nigh on 50 years.