Friday, June 24


reds blues & purples
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Carol and Paul Worthen are our neighbors across the alley. Jesse and Rosie take care of our cat, Baggins, when we travel. They used to feed myfish, too, when I had a 45 gal. aquarium, but they took such good care of the fish I gave the aquarium (w/fish)to Jesse so now he has it.

A year ago, Carol and Paul opened the Fiber Whorl, a warm, cozy and comfortable fiberarts hangout/store in the 400 block of Last Chance Gulch. It's a great place to visit when I need a hit of earth-colors.

Mom got some knitting advice from Cindy who works there -- Mom's been making scarves out of "fun-fur" like they're goin out of style. Here's Baggins modeling my new scarf (by Mom)

Anyway, since I was just in their store stalking color pics, I thought I'd give them a plug. Check out the Fiber Whorl if you come to Helena, and if not, they have a website. Carol is at the 31st Annual Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene Oregon this weekend. Her kids are there w/her too - and Congratulations, Rosie for winning the Best Skein two years in a row! You're on your way to starting a whole flock of sheep!