Tuesday, June 14

i'm back and hoping to be a little more regular on my blog. I just feel like posting a few pics of the landscaping project I've been overseeing for the past few weeks, off and on. I was out there on Monday by myself, checking progress, making notes on plants the deer are nibbling (we have to spray especially those plants, with a deer repellant) and checking the installation of some slate steps (they are being installed wrong, so I have to do a sketch to show the contractor what I want there.) Here's a sketch of what was there when I checked on it Monday:
Slate Steps sketchFirst attempt at stone steps on a gravel path

And here's the sketch of how I want it. We worked it out today. They want the job to look good and function perfectly, so they can be proud of their work. I want it to look good, etc, for the same reasons and I want my customer to be happy with it.

Stone Step Construction Technique

. . that sometimes happens when the client doesn't want construction drawings. We end up needing sketches like this one anyway, as the job progresses.

It was a sunny break in an otherwise rainy day (we've had a colder, rainier spring than usual here in Helena)
Moleskine in the Garden