Thursday, March 29

Interior Design: Idea Slices

Hover your mouse over the thumbnails to see each photo's title. To the right of the title is a "Photo Link" which takes you to my flickr page so you can see the larger sizes.

I am working here with the concept of interior design, both literally and metaphorically.

Slices of what I see everyday and any day.

Slices of the natural world: Nature's product samples.

Paint Chips/ Nature Chips

Let's have fun with this - you don't have to be a professional! You only have to let your mind and heart play.

  • Where does Design come from anyway?
  • Where does Inspiration come from?
  • What makes something a work of art as opposed to just a lifelike copy or a fatihful reproduction of an existing object, color combination or texture?
  • How do our own personal filters operate to create inside us, something unique out of the deluge of sensations we swim through every day?

Do you remember an art teacher telling you as a child, "Try to make your horse look like a horse." or "Tree's have brown trunks and green leaves -- not green trunks and blue leaves!" I do. Fortunately I also had art teachers and other mentors who encouraged me to see things my way.

Metaphorical Interior Design: design a place where you feel at home. A place where you can be yourself. A place that reflects who you are, in your choice of furniture, floor and window coverings, accents, colors, upholstery and art-on-the-walls ... what is your interior like? How much does it really fit you?