Friday, March 16

A party for a very old dog ...

Happy Birthday Sam!

Today we are having a party for Sam, who is 18 this year. That is really old for a big dog like Sam (a flatcoated retriever) The real party is already over (all the cake is in Sam's stomach) but you're invited to head over to the virtual party at Flickr to wish Sam a Happy Birthday and whatever else you want to tell him. I promise to convey all greetings to Sam in person. Plus hugs, ear and belly scratches, etc... he's loving it.

Birthday Cake with Steak, Apples, Raspberries and Salad

His cake is made of the homemade raw 'salad' he gets to eat everyday. I made it special by topping the cake with raspberries, and surrounding it with juicy apply slices and mouth-watering raw steak cut in little pieces (otherwise, I swear Sam would eat the entire steak in one gulp)


Sam wouldn't look at his 18 candles while they were burning so we had to wave them out for Sam ...

Tim's sister, Ann showed up just in time for Sam's cake. She brought Amy and Ashley with her (Tim's niece and great-niece) -- they were just dropping by on their way from Pocatello to Missoula. It was nice to have some other folks to help us celebrate.

Of course, Baggins (our cat) who is best friends with Sam had a few pieces of steak but he wouldn't eat the apples.

I posted directions for making your own party hats here.