Monday, January 15

January Calendar: There will Be a Light

Today we honor Martin Luther King by observing a holiday in the USA ... his message was not only about race or what color skin we have ... Dr. King's dream, his teachings to all of us, were about equality among all human beings, not matter what color their skin, spiritual beliefs, gender, sexual preference, political leaning, income level, or abilities. We still have a long way to go, but Dr. Martin Luther King was -- and still IS -- a light shining ahead of us on our journey as people living on this planet together. His light still shines brightly.

Here is a song, There Will Be a Light, by Ben Harper and the Blind Boys in honor of Dr. King today. Click on the little left arrow to play. Volume control is a slider on the right side of this button. (you might want to listen while you download one or both of the calendars below)

It's a little past time for my January 2007 calendar! Sorry for being late. I made two calendar versions this month -- so you have a choice, for your viewing, printing and using pleasure.

Please feel free to print these calendars -- I publish these downloadable calendars monthly as a gift of appreciation to you for sharing your lives with me through your writings and photos and comments on my blogs. You can see my other blog, Land of Little Rain, here.

To download, click anywhere on the calendar and you should get a new window with the image. Click on the photo again in that new window to go to the large version of the calendar. Right-click to download the calendar. It should print out 8.5" x 11" -- if you have a printer that requires a margin, please print this slightly reduced to fit on a standard letter-size paper.

Printing Tip: set your printer to the highest quality print setting and use a heavier weight paper, preferably matte-coated, to get the best quality prints.

I hope you enjoy the monthly calendars, and please let me know if you have any problems downloading I can send them to you by email attachment.

Here is the entire set of 2006 Calendar pages.

Stay warm!


Justin said...

Downloadable calendars? That's one of the coolest blog ideas I've seen yet. Wish I would have thought of it! Thanks! ;)

maureen said...

okay, justin. just because i like you so much and just because you're the only person who commented on this post (even though I know there are at least 6 or 8 people out there who downloaded the calendar ....) I will give you my secret. It's a flickr toy -- the calendar maker. if you don't already know how to access/use the calendar maker, write me an email and i'll give you the scoobie-doo. thanks for letting me know you're lookin, anyway. :)

Justin said...

WOW, you must've really wanted to get your point across on that one, LOL. ;)

maureen said...

Justin -- thanks for reminding me about those comments. geez! The other week when I replied to your comment, I think my thumb must have been a little heavy on the "enter" key. I noticed right away (because comments come to my email) that somebody had commented 21 times.

do you know how tedious it is to permanently delete blogger comments???? ;-} well, I got tired of deleting them right away, so I stopped. then forgot about it.
tee hee. Okay, so they're gone. I really don't think I have to repeat myself that much -- at least not with you!

still getting used to this new keyboard.

btw i got your email question about the background photo. I'll write you as soon as i can how i did that. it's not too hard.