Saturday, January 20

Festival of the Trees 7 is up and it's almost time for number 8

If you are a tree-lover, nature lover, ecologist, artist, poet, writer, dancer, baker, or even a logger, you may be interested in the Festival of Trees. The 7th monthly festival is being hosted by Jeremy Bruno at his Voltage Gate Blog. Please visit the Festival of Trees to ooo and ahhhh over the many different aspects of trees and forests presented by a diverse and creative community.

The next Festival of Trees #8 will be hosted in February by Gingko Dreams, a blog I hadn't known about until just now... and wow! Her design blog is tasteful, elegant, and so beautiful -- I can't wait to see how Kelly hosts the tree festival. It will be sumptuous for sure.

If you want to submit something you have made, photographed or written about trees, here is the call for submissions for Festival 8

see you there.