Tuesday, January 10

What is Interesting?

According to Flickr, these are the most interesting photos in my entire collection of over 2000 photos, as of October 2006. It changes daily, as there are literally millions of photos being uploaded there by people all over the world -- and they only highlight the "top 500 most interesting photos" for each day. For instance, on January 6th, this photo was interesting. Now it's not. Ce la Vie!
What's interesting to me is that the photos that make it onto the interestingness page for the day don't often line up with my own personal favorites. The Flickr interestingness feature is a strange algorithm -- and as fd says (he's the guy who wrote the program,) "taking it too seriously is bad for your mental health." Still, for whatever it's worth, here are my most interesting pics - click on the poster to see it larger ... (later I'll post the ones I like best)

If you'd like to see the individual photos larger, click on the links below. They start at upper left and go across and are in order of date with the top photos being my latest:
1. Woodland Icon with Cross, 2. Colors of the Season Glass Quilt, 3. Wire We Doing This?, 4. Waiting for me to "Sign" that it's time to go ..., 5. A falcon, a storm or an unfinished song?, 6. Vision, 7. Scrolls on a Sunny Day, 8. Gaze, 9. Pond, starting to ice over, 10. Early Morning Frost Field, 11. Meditation on Autumn Garden, 12. Earth's October Garment, 13. Mane of Gold, 14. Meditation on Autumn Raspberries, 15. One Small Angel, 16. Birthday Ode to Feet & FlipFlops, 17. Plan B, 18. Collector's Edition Stamps: The Family Collection, 19. "I Am Much Too Old for This!", 20. Dependency, 21. Movement Poem, 22. Wise Ones, 23. Summer Soft, 24. Writer's Block, 25. Viewpoint for the Fading of the Day, 26. Red Faced and Lovin' It, 27. Colorful Spheres, 28. Soft Evening, 29. Grass Jungle: We are 3 companions, 30. Theater Window, 31. The Dream of a Small Angel, 32. Curtain, 33. Lady Holding Her Bouquet, 34. Rain, 35. Sushi instructions, 36. Green Pleats, 37. Ravens are one way of seeing blackbirds, 38. Zion Mist, 39. Wind Embodied by Beauty, 40. That afternoon, he led the way through a veil, 41. Fire in Montana -- Sumac leaf, 42. A Tender Moment: Gabe and Grandma