Tuesday, January 31

Cat Poem: Slow Cat Java Cup

Cat Poem: Slow Cat Java Cup, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.

I'll type up the poem later today. Just wanted to post something of what I've been up to lately. Really busy is what ...

That's Baggins who kindly poses for me whenever he doesn't know it.

here's what I wrote with the sketches:
cat flows from shadow to a spot
of sun in the center of a floor.
he shapes his outline
to fit the warm place.
tail curves where sunbeam falls and
he watches dust dancing in
daylight streams
tail flicks, twitches, he looks,
decides it belongs to him and
goes back to his bath.
tongue bath, sun
bath, dust bath.

he's clean!

cat turns
round, then round again
tracing the shape of sleep on
"his" chair
then curls up neatly as if
there were nothing better to do
than dream