Wednesday, January 11

Spirit Horse

This beautiful horse comes running over to the fence everytime Sam and I walk by on our way around Spring Meadow Lake. I usually remember to bring her an apple or some almonds for a treat. This evening she has a mane and tail full of cockle-burrs. In my opinion, those are nature's most successful hitch-hiker seeds. anyway, it made her look forlorn. She loves to be scratched just about anywhere. The center photo is of her shaggy winter coat. Nice and warm.

For a look at some other white horses, check out these sites: a screensaver - beautiful white horses looking like they're charging in for dinner. This horse on Flickr and if you want to see some amazing photographs taken as stills during filming of a movie, check out these beautiful draft horses here and here (then go look at the rest of her photos if you have time - it will be worth it!)

And finally, this isn't a white horse, but she/he's surrounded by white snow and I have enjoyed this photo for months as my screensaver ... thanks to Christine, who I have gotten to know a little through our association on flickr. She has a whole set of photos of Dandy, her horse, here.