Saturday, January 14

A most exciting Flickr Project

Co-curatoring 9, originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.

This sketchbook page is part of my process on one of my favorite Flickr projects. It's called the Co Curators' Resource. The idea is to "curate" someone's photostream on Flickr with the goal of articulating their style or a common theme or thread of artistic vision with a smaller collection of photos you choose as if you were curating an exhibit of their work in a gallery or museum.

In doing this curation project with Irina Souiki I am learning tons, not only about her photos and her artistry, but about my own growth as an artist and photographer as well. It is helping me to think more clearly about what I am trying to accomplish with my photography and other artwork.

If you want to see more of these sketches or find out more about this project and read why I'm sketching to curate someone's photos ... you can click here to see the whole set of sketches. Each sketch has a description of the project and a link to the Co Curators Resource page where there are discussions and explanations of what we're all doing. Enjoy!