Thursday, November 3

How to Start as an Illustrator

I just found (like I discovered it, yeah, right) the website of Penelope (the 'g' is silent) Dullaghan. She is an illustrator/artist who runs the Illustration Friday project. So I guess I came on Penelope through Kim (Something-toSay) Carney, another artist. I like the design, the style and content at Penelope's site and I love the idea of illustration friday. I've been enjoying all of Kim's illustrations she posts for that project and finally took the time to look further to find out what it's all about. Penelope has a list of links, one of which is this one How to Start as an Illustrator, by Keri Smith. Check it out if you're even remotely interested in being an illustrator ... there are good ideas in the article for any artist as well.