Tuesday, November 29


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Our 17 year old dog, Sam, accompanies me on every walk, and since he has really slowed down in his old age, I have time to stop often to shoot photos. He likes to sit next to me -- right up against me, leaning in, whenever I sit down to watch the beauty around us. I have always believed that animals, like us, actually do appreciate beauty -- I've watched him sit and face the sunrise or a distant view from the top of the mountain ... just as if he were taking it all in, quietly sharing the moment with me, his human. He will sit for long moments, as long as I stay watching ... his attention focused on something I can only imagine and hopefully share.

I like to sit on the cold ground with my arm around Sam's shoulders up on the hill above our town. In the evenings, when the cacaphony of daytime noise begins to settle out, begins to calm down ... then we two listen to the sounds of the city: traffic, dogs barking back and forth, children playing, ravens calling, crickets singing, geese honking on their southward journey. I know he sees and hears the wondrous beauty of his world. I know he loves these moments as much as I do. I know he is deeply glad to be alive. His enthusiasm for life inspires me, even when I'm feeling blue. He leans into my chest, as if letting me know he'll hold me up when it's his turn ... my dear companion, Sam.

We humans so often think we have an exclusive appreciation for art, beauty, poetry, emotion ... I believe we share this ability with all creatures ... or that we could share it if we would only allow that we are not the only ones to see!

This photo is also part of my set, Last Light.

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sonia a. mascaro said...

Beautiful words, beautiful photo! I agree with you.