Tuesday, November 8

Election Day in many US Cities and Towns

The first thing I did this morning was get my "bite" adjusted at my dentist's clinic. The whole left side of my head was throbbing with pain from a temporary crown on 4(!) teeth in a row... I'm still not sure the adjustment is working, but I'm going to give it another day before I head back to the his clinic.

My visit to the dentist was crucial.

But I did something else today that was way more important. That was the second thing I did this morning -- I voted. It was the easiest ballot I've ever voted on. Mayor (choose between an okay incumbent who is actually very experienced in politics and not a bad guy ... and a 26 year old who has never held office -- that was the hardest choice I had to make today) ... Choose between 4 candidates for city commisioner (we got to pick our 2 favs) and decide yes or no on an initiative to allow voters to decide the fate of our historic downtown. Oh, and we got to vote for 4 (out of 8 candidates) members of our town citizens' council (which only acts as an advisory body)

I was done in about 10 seconds. With local elections like the one we had today in Helena, Montana -- I know for a fact that my vote really does count. Voter turnout was typically light. Lots of people don't even bother to vote anymore. That's discouraging to me. So I can only do my part. I voted. And it feels good.

I am part of the mechanism of change.