Monday, June 4

Design Process: from vague idea to concept

This is one way I work up a concept for a client's landscape design -- I try to give them something that -- no matter what their abilities to visualize -- they can hopefully imagine themselves living and relaxing in this landscape.

Sometimes people have difficulty visualizing the final results if all they have to look at are plans (bird's eye viewpoint) and elevations (2-dimensional, straight-on view) ... a perspective sketch is worth so much!

I have had lots of feedback from clients that when the perspective sketch (as above, or below) includes elements of the "real thing" it really helps them imagine what it will look like when the landscaping is installed.

To see more detail, head over to my Native Design flickr account -- I am posting strictly landscape design photos there. I hope you enjoy perusing the gardens.

What's keeping me so busy? This ...


Bitterroot said...

I am so delighted you're sharing the landscape design visions. I love seeing what can be done with Montana's native beauty.

Eddie said...

I love your design I wanted to know how the coloring was done. Photoshop?

maureen said...

Eddie, thanks for the compliment. I used Photoshop