Wednesday, June 6

Portland Urban Art Exhibit

Live Painting Sol Ball, originally uploaded by Gabe Shaughnessy.

photo by Arian Stevens

Exhibit of Paintings by artist, Gabriel Shaughnessy
To my Portland blog readers who also happen to love art, I encourage you to attend the opening for Gabe Shaughnessy's art exhibit on Thursday night. Even if you don't live in Portland, if you might visit P-Town in the near future, the show will be up until the end of June.
full disclosure: Gabe is my son

Gabe will be exhibiting 16 oil and acrylic paintings and four large UV reactive paintings in a one-man show at Berbati's in Portland. The paintings are from the last two years, with some new work. Gabe will be creating a live painting (left) at the opening.

Opening Date: Thursday, June 7
Time: 5 pm til whenever
Venue: Berbati's Restaurant
Address: 231 SW Ankeny, Portland view map

Gabriel writes that he is
"looking for potential collaborators for the opening night, June 7th. It'll be on the first thursday art walk and listed in the papers. I'm into whatever, the restaurant is open for music, performance, art production."

from Gabe's P-Town sketchbook:

for a little retrospective/perspective, a few illustrations from Gabe's (much) younger years:

a thank you card for his Grandma ...


Wayne said...

I wonder where he gets his talent.. not to mention his drive to create.
If I, through some fluke wormhole in the time-space continuum, so to speak, find myself in Portland.. you betcha, I'll drop in on Gabe's show.
This obviously brings pride, I know, and also memories of openings past, I gather, Maureen.

Bitterroot said...

I think I know where all that creativity came from, you proud Mama, you.

Sounds like a wonderful show. I'm happy for you both!

maureen said...

Thank you so much, Wayne and EO -- you are right that I am proud of him -- he deserves it. I also admire Gabe and learn alot from him. I consider him a friend as well as a loved son -- a grown son, but still my son. heheh.

Wayne - get yourself onto the platform at the wormhole station. I really can't go, but if you have a time-space-continuum ticket, then go, man! Gabe would be tickled.

I'm also just trying to create some buzz for his show -- I have to get my vicarious yah-yah's somehow.

E: here's for you:

liz elayne said...

how fantastic! i hope to make it down that way this month, so i will be sure to stop in. we should brainstorm a way to connect gabe and my brother...

hope you feeling some brightness today my friend. i am thinking of you and sending you warm hugs.

Bitterroot said...


(((((((you too)))))))

Pat Shaughnessy said...

I would really love to have been at Gabe's opening last night! Like you Maureen, I'm also very proud of him. Just think, I have one of those 'famous' paintings! I'd better hang onto it. Eh? I'm looking forward to seeing him at the end of June.

maureen said...

Yep -- Mom, hang on to that painting and any others he sends you ... thanks for commenting on his blog, too. xoxo