Tuesday, April 17

Pre Earth Day Amusement

Grist Environmental News and Commentary published their List of Grist Superlatives ... they missed a few, but there is a place to add what you think should be on the list ... a few of my favorites from their much longer list from Tree Hugger:

  • Best car of 2006: your bike
  • Most hackneyed phrase: "Green is the new black"
  • Best place to look for ways to reduce ecological impact: mirror
  • Worst way to deal with climate change: nuclear energy
  • Easiest way to create appearance of eco-benignity: green tags
  • Government leader whose big talk on climate is most likely to be muffled by Bush's bum affixed to his lips: Tony Blair
  • Most overlooked source of energy: efficiency
  • Sneakiest way for big ag to make a buck: corn-based ethanol
  • Most popular environmental oxymoron: "clean coal"
  • Second most popular oxymoron: "safe, clean nuclear power"

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Ontario Wanderer said...

Hi Maureen, Yes, I read your blog and look at your Flickr photos and yes, I seldom leave a trace of my being there. Sorry 'bout that. Glad you keep posting wonderful items in spite of my lack of comments. Keep up the good work. There are probably a lot more like me too.
Dean (aka Ontario Wanderer)