Tuesday, March 14

Self Portrait Tuesday

My Accidental Self:

For Jean, inspired by the many facets of her inner self she shares so courageously.

I was shooting some interior photos of Tim's woodworking, in a house that had lots of mirrors. It was a challenge to stay out of the photos, with all the mirrors and reflections. I noticed one photo where I didn't get out of the room fast enough after pressing the timed shutter. This is a very small section of a larger photo ... my accidental self-portrait.

Okay, so Self Portrait Tuesday is obviously supposed to be about our selves, so it may seem weird I'm sharing just one SP of my own, while sending you off to see someone else's photos. But to me it fits even the idea that I am writing about and sharing my own photo today and that is because my friend, Jean Albus, is the one who has given me so much inspiration to accept myself just the way I am. I have learned so much from her in a short time and look forward to a long, long time of being friends. Jean reminded me today that "There are no accidents." The comments on my photo make up a stimulating conversation about self-portraits.

If you have even just one free minute and you want to see some awesome self portraits, please check out Jean's album of strong self-portraits, My Aging Beauty. There are only 6 photos, so it doesn't have to take long to see all of them. Here's another album of hers I admire, Love Myself.

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