Thursday, March 16

Poetry Thursday

This is from one of my most favorite poets, whom I've quoted many times, May Swenson. Seems lots of people are discovering her these days.

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Night Practice

with my breath
to make a mountain,
with my sucked-in breath
a valley, with my pushed-out
breath a mountain. I will make
a valley wider than the whisper, I
will make a higher mountain than the cry,
will with my will breathe a mountain. I will
with my will breathe a valley. I will push out
a mountain, suck in a valley, deeper than the shout,
YOU MUST DIE, harder, heavier, sharper a mountain than
the truth, YOU MUST DIE. I will remember. My breath will
make a mountain. My will will remember to will. I, suck-
ing, pushing, I will breathe a valley, I will breathe a mountain

--- May Swenson 1913 - 1989

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