Friday, March 31

Photo Friday: Metallic Finery


Tim Girvin said...

Isn't it foolish, that I can't quite even figure out who runs this blog -- but it's a beauty full one; it's saying good things; and i laud the originatrix. I suppose that really, that's all I wanted to say, to the good work of your offerings, the careful intelligence of your reckoning, the layering of your explorations and the outcome expressions. Beauty full.

Thank you | tsg

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Maureen said...

halooo Tim, thanks for your compliments. That's quite a signature you have at the end of your comment ;-D -- you make sure people know how to find you. I'm impressed. So for figuring out who runs this blog? well, in my sidebar, there are lots of links to other places you can find me on the web and find out who i am. Check out some of my other sites. See you around! And thanks for being the first human to comment here. yay! :)