Friday, December 30

Tim's New Website is Live! Yay!

This photo is the draft of the ordering page we just made for Tim's new website. I finally have something up for his business, Timothy's Fine Woodworking. Check it out here if you want.

Anyone who has been a regular reader (or even just an occasional reader) of my blog, for a few months, will have seen the photos I posted awhile back of Tim's gorgeous handcrafted furniture and his woodworking shop. I've been following him around with my digital camera, generally making a pest of myself by getting in his face with it while he worked ... thinking that someday I would make use of my photos to build a website for him. Well, now it's for real!

His website pages, especially the portfolio pages are not final by any means, but we wanted to get something up asap. Gabe has been generously helping me -- teaching me from scratch, actually -- but he left this afternoon so I'm on my own with it now. I'll be refining the website and Tim and I will both be posting on his blog, Timothy's Shop Talk, here. We would love it if you visit his blog, leave comments to let us know you've been there ... even leave feedback, encouragement, links we might be interested in ... anything you want to share with us. I hope Tim's Shop Talk becomes a community of sorts, for other woodworkers, friends, family, his customers, and anyone else interested in woodworking and design.

Soon there will be a link in my own Raven's Nest sidebar to his blog and his homepage. I hope... :)