Wednesday, December 28

An Absolutely Amazing Photography Instruction Site

Through Daniel Mosquin at the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden Botanical Photo of the Day site, I found this very useful website for landscape photography. Many of the Luminous Landscape features and articles are also applicable to other photo subjects, especially outdoor and nature images. I've already learned enough from the tutorials, essays and regular columns to improve my photography skills so much. One of these days, I'll post some of my first shots with my digital camera to make the comparison between where I was a year ago and what I'm doing with the digicam now.

Here is just an example of the incredibly useful information available at the Luminous Landscape. This is the table of contents for their "Understanding Series:"


Understanding Printer Colour Management — the proper settings for using profiles
Understanding Raw Files — whether to choose to shoot in raw or JPG format, and why
Understanding Contrast Masking — a simple Photoshop technique for opening shadow areas and reducing contrast
Understanding Digital USM — what is the Unsharp Mask and what does it do?
Understanding Histograms — how to read the digital camera's most useful exposure evaluation tool
Understanding MTF Charts — what is MTF, and how to read lens charts
Understanding Digital Sensor Cleaning — the why, how and tools required
Understanding Digital Workflow — suggested steps and settings to use when working with a digital SLR
Understanding Mirror Lock-Up — the simplest technique for creating vibration-free sharp images
Understanding Medium Format — a primer on the jargon, and the equipment available
Understanding Depth of Field — a tutorial, including Hyperfocal Distance and the Circle of Confusion
Understanding Polarizers — a tutorial on how to use the most important filter for colour photography
Understanding Lens Contrast — an in-depth tutorial by Mike Johnston
Understanding Bit Depth — a tutorial on hi-bit images and when and why to use them
Understanding Sharpness — a tutorial on resolution and acutance
Understanding Resolution — explores the basics of digital Input and Output
Understanding Camera Movements — the ins and outs of tilts and shifts
Understanding Colour Theory — academic colour theory applied to landscape photography
Understanding the DSLR Magnification Factor — what it is, how it works, benefits and drawbacks
Understanding ProPhoto RGB – are you throwing away much of the colour gamut your DSLR is capable of?
Understanding Exposure — the world's 10 stop range. Why it's so tough and how to handle it