Tuesday, December 13

December Sketches

We're back from the winter meeting with our study group ... I will be posting a few drawings I did in my sketchbook/journal while on our trip. It was incredible weather - just perfect for Tim and me -- when we left Montana last week, the temperature was -16F ... brrrr! And on the coast, it was in the balmy 60s. Ahhh, to have a few days when I could go barefoot (or just wear my zorries) when just a light shawl was enough of a covering even in the sea breeze.

What a luxury - to have five days with no responsibilities other than to really focus on being there -- at the ocean ... sleeping, dreaming, dancing and breathing the smells, sights and sounds of waves and shorebirds, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets ... the constantly changing reflections and colors on the wet sand ... the shifting shapes of dune, intertidal zone and wave patterns. I had a beautiful, relaxing time.

The drawing below is our view out the window of our plane, on the right -- as we were cruising over eastern Washington, I was really fascinated by the huge variety of cultivation patterns and natural patterns in the agricultural areas of the state -- the ground was "neatly" divided into square sections which were further divided in many cases, into different shaped fields. It reminded me of a crazy quilt. On the left side of the page is my view of the east slope of the Cascades just before we came across the top and headed down into Seattle.