Friday, October 7

Meditation on Autumn Cleome

Meditation on Autumn Cleome
Originally uploaded by MontanaRaven.
I am still trying to perfect my technique of photographing leaves and flowers, then transforming them into meditations ... (almost)symmetrical designs like the Huichol "nierika" or doorway to your heart. This one is based on a cleome plant that was surprisingly still blooming on October 6th (wow! - that's late!) in Helena, where I live. The alternate name for this design is Flower of the Heart.

These designs are best viewed large. You can click on the photo and it will take you to my Flickr page with that photo. On the flickr page, above the image, click on "all sizes" and it should take you to the large size, where you can see all the detail in the leaves and flowers. Leave me a comment please, to let me know how you like these designs. Thanks for looking!


todd m said...

I would love to see the other sizes on Flickr, but they seem to be disabled. Were you aware of this?

RavenGrrl said...

Hi Todd - I think maybe you have to have me as a contact (or possibly the other way around) to be able to see the large sizes. I am never sure what other people can see on my Flickr page, since everytime I look at it, obviously, it recognizes me. Anyway, thanks for telling me about this issue. Maybe make me a contact and see what happens (if you really want to see the large sizes, email me after you try that.) thanks so much for your interest, though. I'm curious how you came upon my blog - was it from my flickr page?

todd m said...

Yes, it was from Flickr. I think I saw your work in the 1-2-3 group. I'll add you as a cotact and see if that works, but I think you might have to add me as well.

In any case, beautiful work