Thursday, October 27

Lilac Curtain

It's raining today and the lilac leaves are limp, almost transluscent ... like curtains. I peer through the folds at a drooping sky, raindrops hit my studio window with the sound of sleet - frozen rain. Car tires slice through puddles on the asphalt on our busy street. The floor furnace kicks in. It's smells dusty from disuse. Winter is coming. These leaves will fall soon. Cover the bed below their branches. Blanket the earth with their slow-fading beauty.

Here's another rainy-day photo from a set I just posted on Flickr of mostly photos I shot in McCloud while we were just there for 2 weeks. If anyone recognizes this plant, I would like to know what it is. I was in a "hurry" that day because it really was raining on me, getting my camera wet, etc ... and I didn't take the time to identify it. This plant doesn't grow in Montana, as far as I know, so I'm not familiar with it. Anyone know it's name???

Originally uploaded by MontanaRaven. Enjoy!